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OpenSRP FHIR Core Smart Vaccination Certificates

OpenSRP FHIR Core is an open source HL7 FHIR native Android application designed to meet WHO’s Smart Vaccine certificate guidelines. This application is designed to be quickly adaptable by countries to support a Covid-19 vaccine rollout. Using the app, you can uniquely identify and register clients, record Covid-19 vaccinations and then issue a Smart Vaccine Certificate based on WHO guidelines.

This application is built on the Android FHIR SDK developed in collaboration with Google and WHO.

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The OpenSRP FHIR Core Smart Vaccination Certificates App is developed by Ona with support from WHO and Johnson & Johnson. Ona are the lead developers and technical stewards of OpenSRP a recognized global good digital health platform.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact info@fhircore.org to setup a demo and learn more about how OpenSRP FHIR Core can be used to support your vaccine rollout.